Andrew Nardi

Game Producer & Designer
Melbourne, Australia


Disorder of Operations

Push dice blocks to solve math puzzles in Disorder of Operations, and conquer its head-scratching underworld!

Pog Racers

Pog Racers is a high-speed racing game built for virtual reality. Pilot a jet-fuelled vehicle against opponents on an alien planet and claim victory!

My Little War

My Little War is a hotseat multiplayer turn-based strategy in which two players must challenge one another in a battle over land.

Interstellar Vacuum

Interstellar Vacuum is a physics-based puzzle collect-a-thon starring Dusty, the last surviving cleaner robot aboard an abandoned spaceship.


How Dead Space Perfected Its Sound Design

Dead Space may not have drawn the original blueprint for sound design in modern AAA games, but it arguably proved the strengths of planning a game’s audio direction from the onset of development.

How Persona 5 Royal Rescued My Heart in Lockdown

In a year of unyielding anxiety and concern for our futures, 2020 has been nothing short of frightful. But it was also the year that we received Persona 5 Royal, a game that occupied many of my months in isolation.

About Me:

I’m an aspiring game producer and designer studying at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, Melbourne. I’m passionate about production and level design.

I am also an experienced journalist with a resumé of editorial roles at several magazines and websites.

Please get in touch with me using this contact form.