Media & Journalism

BMA Magazine

From January 2016 through to September 2017, I worked as the Editor and Graphic Designer for BMA Magazine. Established in 1992, BMA is a local street press that covers music, arts and entertainment in Canberra, Australia. This was a highly fulfilling role that taught me valuable skills including project management, time management, organisation, planning, marketing and communication.

Please feel free to peruse some of the issues that I edited and designed below.

  • Project Management: Key to being the editor of an arts and entertainment magazine is organising the stories that would fill its pages each month.
    • At BMA, our most newsworthy feature stories focused on the shows and gigs that would take place in the month between the upcoming publication and the proceeding publication. This involved not only coordinating volunteer journalists to conduct an interview and write the copy, but also emailing PR teams to set interview times, and overall tracking the progress of each article from interview to print.
    • Below is a screenshot taken from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, showing the project management for one of the magazine issues.
  • Journalism: Outside of my editorial and graphic design duties, I also found time to conduct my own interviews and pen my own articles. Below are a selection of some of my favourite articles that I wrote for BMA Magazine.


In 2014, I was appointed as Media Officer of the University of Canberra Students’ Representative Council. This role involved acting as the graphic designer of the university’s student magazine, which was then titled Curio. Myself and a group of students worked to rebrand the magazine as Curieux, while also redesigning the publication and refocusing its content on more relevant student interests.

For these efforts, I was awarded the Vice-Chancellor’s Recognition for Outstanding Commitment to the University.

Please feel free to peruse some of the issues that I designed below.