Black Hole Guardian

Release date23 June 2021
Team size1
My roleCreator
Engine & Tools I UsedUnity 2020.1.10f1
Microsoft Visual Studio
GitHub & GitKraken
Google Workspace
Adobe Photoshop
Development time6 weeks

Black Hole Guardian is an arcade shoot-em-up in which a small spaceship known as the Guardian must fight off alien attackers that are trying to breach a black hole.

Orbit the black hole and attack enemies approaching from all directions. Use the Guardian’s “warp” ability to quickly circumnavigate the black hole and stop aliens before they cause a collapse — and try not to overheat your ship!

Black Hole Guardian features a mesmerising electronic background track that evolves dynamically as you rack up points.

Black Hole Guardian was created in 6 weeks while studying at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, Melbourne.


Andrew Nardi, 2021