Interstellar Vacuum

Release date1 December 2021
Team size10
My rolesLead Designer
EngineUnity 2020.1.10f1
Development timePre-Production: 3 weeks
Production: 6 weeks

Interstellar Vacuum is a physics-based puzzle collect-a-thon starring Dusty, the last surviving cleaner robot aboard an abandoned spaceship.

Take control of Dusty’s unique Suck Up and Spit Out abilities to collect floppy disks, cassette tapes, game controllers and more as you dispose them into garbage chutes.

Explore an abandoned space vessel inspired by escape rooms and help Dusty on his journey to a nearby planet.

Interstellar Vacuum was created in 6 weeks by first-year students at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, Melbourne.



Andrew Nardi – Lead Designer/Producer
Corey Hunt – Designer/Particle Effects
Josephine Tsenalidis – Designer/Sound Designer


Rahul Jhugroo – Lead Programmer
Dylan Smith – Programmer


Rhiannon Eckhardt – Lead Artist/UI Artist
Amman Rahim – Environment Artist
Dylan Chapman – Environment Artist
José Osvaldo Ducuara Rico – Character Artist/Environment Artist
Michael Le – Environment Artist

Music by Rhodz

Border Poly, 2021