Snowed In: The Campfire

Release date4 July 2021
Team size9
My rolesLevel Designer
Sound Designer
UI Artist
Engine & Tools I UsedUnity 2020.3.11f1
Microsoft Visual Studio
GitHub & GitKraken
Adobe Photoshop
Development time3 days

Snowed In: The Campfire is a survival adventure game about a father protecting his son in a vicious snowstorm.

In an expansive wilderness littered with derelict buildings and abandoned roads, a father must carry his son through the darkness, in search of the light. As you venture into the world, keep your son safe by leaving him at campfires.

But beware—the size of the campfires’ light diminishes over time, and the darkness draws in dangerous predators. It’s up to you to carry your son, top-up campfires with wood, fend off wolves, and search for a way out of this hostile landscape.

This game was created for the GDL July 2021 Game Jam, by first-year students at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, Melbourne. The theme was “size matters”.



Ben Babicka – Lead Designer/Shader Art
Alex De Nardi – Level Designer
Andrew Nardi – Level Designer/Sound Designer/UI Artist
Michael Berg – Producer


Jayden Hunter – Lead Programmer
Tomas Munro – Programmer


Ben Lindridge – Lead Artist/Character Artist
Max Sheppard – Environment Artist
Molly Broadstock – Environment Artist

Bouncing House, 2021