Quality Assurance


DeveloperAndy Sum, Marcus Grambau
PublisherNo More Robots
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Release date20 July 2022

TombStar is a top-down Space Western shooter with roguelike elements that will test your mettle. Go head-to-head against the galaxy’s toughest creatures in heart-racing bullet-hell combat.

I was fortunate to complete QA testing for TombStar in 2021. This testing involved:

  • Economy Testing: I tested the game’s shop feature by running through levels, collecting all of the available gold, and ensuring that items were affordable.
  • Bug Reporting: I also worked to identify bugs in the shop feature, which included logging those bugs using the team’s Trello board, outlining steps for reproduction, and uploading .gifs and screenshots.
  • Playtesting: I provided feedback on my experience playing the game, including which bosses and weapon/perk combinations I found satisfying.